Is it possible to be a HAPPY real estate agent?

Most people get into real estate for freedom. Freedom to be their own boss. Freedom to work the hours they want to work. Freedom to define their own success.

But it doesn’t always work out that way.

Instead, they quickly find themselves beholden to everyone. They trade in a 9-to-5 for a 24/7 and realize they officially have the worst boss in the world…


What if you could work only the hours you wanted, while still making the money you desire? How would your life be different if you didn’t let your job run the show?

The National Association of Realtors reported that 88% of all agents leave the business within five years.

You probably know that work/life balance is bull. It’s a dream that only leaves people feeling guilty for not being able to attain it. But it is possible to live a life that feels more in balance and less like you’re constantly chasing an impossible dream.

If you’re an established Real Estate Agent with a growth mindset who is ready to stop being distracted by shiny objects and ready to actually build a purpose-driven life, then welcome to…

Define Your Success

This 12-week course will allow you to define your goals, set boundaries, build systems and stop letting FOMO run your life.

I have been coaching with Andi for a year and a half. During that time she has helped me double my business, minimize my expenses, and overall improve my quality of life. Andi uses simple, effective, out-of-the-box strategies to personalize our coaching meetings. I highly recommend Andi for business and personal growth.

-Kim T

You don’t have to tap into the toxic energy of traditional Real Estate training in order to be successful.

You can ignore the shame spiral that tells you you’re not working hard enough or you don’t want it bad enough if you take a night off.

You can stop worrying about perfection and feel good about progress instead.

You have friends, family, and hobbies that have been pushed aside so you can focus on building your business. But what if the time you spent on the things you love was actually the key to building a business you love?

If I offered to show you how to rebuild your confidence and take your life back from the soul-sucking mess you’ve built so far, would you take me up on it?

If you started today, in 12 weeks you’d have:

  • A personal blueprint for the entire year so you can relax and let the plan guide you

  • A profit plan that shows you exactly how many homes you need to sell in order to reach your goals

  • A monthly, weekly, and daily plan of action that answers the “what do I do today?” question

I’ll be your bestie who listens to your complaints but doesn’t let you talk bad about yourself.

My name is Andi and I’m a third-generation Real Estate agent.

When I was 17, my Dad was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Within a few weeks of his diagnosis, he looked at me on a trip home from the doctor and said, “We need to talk when we get home. Meet me in the kitchen.”

“Meet me in the kitchen” was never a good expression. It meant I was in trouble or a large bomb was about to be dropped. I sat in the kitchen and waited for him to feel up to coming in. He walked in, gestured for me to pull up a chair to the chalkboard, and started writing numbers.

After a few moments, he turned around and looked at me, and said, “I might not be here, so this is how you do a real estate deal.” Over the next couple of hours, he went over the basic fundamentals of real estate, cash flow, and leveraging properties to build investment portfolios. He was leaving me his legacy. Four months later, my Dad passed away, a week after I turned 18.

I am so grateful to help buyers, sellers, and, now agents, to make strong choices they can be confident in. I learned how to define what success meant for me, cutting out the noise from all of the people who wanted to mold me to their ideal image, finding happiness in my career and my personal life. Now I want to do the same for you.

No one can define your success for you.

Not famous, dead Real Estate gurus, not your boss, not even your family. Nope, it’s all up to you to figure out what it is you really want.

And if figuring out what you want sounds just as scary as telling your client they need to double their budget, then you need Define Your Success.

There are so many options out there for Real Estate agents. But you have to have an opportunity filter if you want to weed out the useless noise and shiny objects from the truly helpful. Working through the material in Define Your Success will help you to prioritize your goals so you know exactly what you need to be working on at any one time.

Consistency is key but I hear from so many agents that they can’t be consistent with all the information and tasks being thrown at them each day. Once you build out your personal blueprint, you can ignore all the noise around you and finally get consistent in your efforts.

Each module is less than an hour, but in order to get the most out of it, you'll want to commit to about 2-3 hours per week. Some weeks will be more straightforward for you, while others will require some introspection that can only happen once you give yourself space to get good at this.

In the premium level, you'll have weekly office hours plus a 45-minute 1:1 meeting with Andi. In the standard level, you'll have weekly office hours.

Define Your Success was made for you if you feel like you've hit a ceiling with what you can do, on your own.

What does Define Your Success look like?

Here's the week-by-week breakdown of what's included:

  • Week 1: Your Motivation

    The Problem We're Tackling: Business Owners/Agents often know what they need to do but aren’t doing it, they feel disconnected from their business, and they may even have a “Big Why” but still aren’t feeling motivated.

    Solution: Welcome to the 7 Levels of Motivation, an exercise that helps you dig into what drives you so you can harness it.

  • Week 2: Your Money

    The Problem We're Tackling: Personal finance is not taught in schools or in real estate training. It’s hard to set goals when you don’t know what you need, or the cost of them.

    Solution: We're going to remove the emotion from money while we discuss the generational impact, dive into what your money is, and what it can be.

  • Week 3: You

    The Problem We're Tackling: A lot of business owners are too busy trying to be who they “should” be. By not tuning into who they are, they are missing opportunities for growth and to connect with their ideal client.

    Solution: We're going to go through some fun personality quizzes and discuss how not to be afraid of who you are.

  • Week 4: Your Activities

    The Problem We're Tackling: When you're doing activities you “should” do instead of what you “will” do in a way that throws your business out of balance.

    Solution: We'll take the information we've already covered, and use it to develop individualized activity sets. I'll introduce you to the "Coffees to Close" program.

  • Week 5: Your Client

    The Problem We're Tackling: Business owners engaging in shotgun marketing, blasting everywhere and getting nowhere.

    Solution: Let's dig into the concept of a client avatar and how that can work for (not against) you.

  • Week 6: Your Customer Service Strategy

    The Problem We're Tackling: Business owners don’t know enough about their client to develop a customer service strategy which leads to wasted money and time.

    Solution: You + Your Client + Your Customer Service Strategy. You'll leave this solid on your value proposition, with a list of repeatable actions to form your customer service strategy.

  • Week 7: Your Presence & Your Marketing

    The Problem We're Tackling: Business owners don’t know how they show up on social media and their marketing image is inconsistent.

    Solution: Let's dig into your profiles and develop an editorial calendar.

  • Week 8: Your Systems

    The Problem We're Tackling: Business owners either wait on having all of their systems to move forward, or they make it so they can’t replicate their business because they fly by the seat of their pants.

    Solution: We're going to walk through how you can embrace progress over perfection and develop your systems as your business grows

  • Week 9: Your Follow-Up

    The Problem We're Tackling: Businesses know that follow-up is critical for success, but still don’t do it.

    Solution: We're going to remove the mental, emotional, and timing blocks for follow-up.

  • Week 10: Your Money + Business

    The Problem We're Tackling: Business owners don’t know what it costs them to be in business, what each client costs them, or how to determine the return on the investments they are making.

    Solution: We're going to talk about putting together a P&L, cash flow, and how it should affect your activities.

  • Week 11: Your Personal Life

    The Problem We're Tackling: Business owners forget to have a personal life which disconnects them from their motivation and themselves.

    Solution: We're going to look at priorities and boundaries in a (hopefully) new way.

  • Week 12: Your Success

    The Problem We're Tackling: Business owners lose focus when they can’t see their success or think too far into the future.

    Solution: We're going to review the progress we've made, examine different systems for accountability, rewards, and tracking. You'll leave this program with a full workbook to take you through the next year.

Stop switching brokers and bringing your problems with you

Your problems won’t go away with a new brokerage, new city, or a different type of client. Your problems will only be resolved when you start working on how YOU approach them.

Pricing Options

If you’re ready to stop flailing for new tactics, reaching for the next shiny object, and letting your fears stop you from making a change, then grab your spot in Define Your Success today!


$2500 / year

  • Define Your Success video course

  • Facebook group

  • Weekly office hours

  • Discounts off of future programs


$8000 / year

  • 12 Week Intensive

  • Weekly 45-min 1:1 call with Andi

  • Email support from Andi (reply within 24 hours M-F)

  • Define Your Success video course

  • Facebook group

  • Weekly office hours

  • Discounts off of future programs