My clients are game changers. They are willing to look at their life and business in a different way to get results. They define success on their own terms and aren't interested in letting other people tell them otherwise. And they're human. It's hard to tune out all of the noise while you're changing the world.

Rule 1: I will guide you and support you, but you're an adult and I can't make you do anything. You have to actually be interested in being coached.

Rule 2: We don't worship at the cult of production here. What that means is that work has a purpose, work for work's sake does not. We coach to the whole person, the whole life.

Rule 3: Growth is not optional, but the direction you choose is. Our goal is a healthy, happy life.

Rule 4: I wouldn't let a stranger disparage you, so I won't let you do that to yourself.

Rule 5: I'm not a doctor or a lawyer, and I've never played one on TV. If you need help outside of what coaching provide, I will refer you to the best resource to help you.

Covered Topics Can Include:

Profit Planning (Next Generation Business Planning)

Mindset Training

Developing a Marketing Plan/Editorial Calendar

Leveraging Your Personality & Strengths for Deliverable Activities

Hiring Smart

Resetting Bad Patterns

A Whole Life/Holistic Approach (Spoiler Alert: Work Life Balance is a Scam)

Blueprint Coaching Includes:

  • Business Assessment
  • Systems Assessment
  • Half Day Group Profit Planning Session Each Quarter (Substitutes for One Call)
  • Life Satisfaction Tracker via 7 Circles
  • Weekly Accountability Email
  • Weekly Class Recommendations
  • Personal Invites to all Classes Taught by akb
  • Discounts on Any Additional "akb" Training Programs

With Bi-Weekly Sessions (2-½ Hour Sessions/Month) - $350/Month

With Weekly Sessions (4-½ Hour Sessions/Month) - $550/Month


This is available to you as an exclusive benefit as a Keller Williams Realty Portland Central agent.

We don't believe that initial cost should push coaching out of reach. Licensed real estate agents can apply to utilize our payment via referral option. For more information on that, please email me directly at with the subject "Payment via Referral."

How would this work for you?

Book a spot on my schedule to discuss what you want for your business and life. There are no obligations and I'll tell you if I'm not the right fit (and help you find someone who is).